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Gorillaz Escape to Plastic Beach                             Stats and Brief

Chapter 1

You play as Murdoc, the band's virtual bassist, as he tries to out-run the cops and evade El Camino, the ruthless bounty hunter played by Bruce Willis in the Stylo music video, as the band make their way to Plastic Beach. The game presents you with a range of mixed up, retro, 2D and 2½D images, all played to the Stylo soundtrack.

Chapter 2

2D and Noodle get into some underwater trouble and Murdoc must rescue them both to save them from a watery grave. Navigating through hostile sea life and mine fields across three challenging levels of aquatic action. This chapter features original artwork and voiceovers from the band, as well as numerous tracks from the Plastic Beach album.

Chapter 3 Play Chapter 3 Demo

Experience Plastic Beach as you never thought possible. This pay-to-play level of the game completes the bands escape to safety in stunning 3D. Guide Murdoc around the Plastic Beach landscape on his Doom Glider as you try to stop 2D from escaping. Dive through thermals, dodge pirate galleons, floating mines and much more in your mission. Developed using the Unity 3D development tool allowed the eight increasingly difficult, addictive levels to be released across the iPhone, iPod, iPad and web browser platforms all in one go.